Food For Thought

Drink Pure

Smoothies and juices made with real, often organic & locally sourced, fruit and sweetened with just a touch of organic, locally produced agave- ahh, heaven! At 24 Carrots we donít believe weíre reinventing the wheel, just exercising restraint. If nature didnít make it, we donít include it. Fresh fruit & veggie juices, luscious and inventive smoothies, and gourmet loose leaf teas. No ice creams, sorbets, chemicals, artificial preservatives, and artificial ingredients in our delicious concoctions- only pure juice in a cup; in fact, in a 100% compostable cup!

Eat Pure

Our tempting menu is crafted from scratch daily with the freshest, most wholesome ingredients we can get our hands on. Nibble guilt free on our delicious vegan pastries, pies and treats made using ripe seasonal fruits, organic flours, fat free cocoa, madagascar organic vanilla, and lots of love. At 24 Carrots we believe that what you leave off your menu (excessive salt, fat, sugar, artificial flavors & preservatives) is as important as what you choose to include. We invite you to come enjoy our inspired menu selections as we challenge the boundaries of conventional vegetarian & vegan cuisine!

Live Pure

24 Carrots believes in fostering a symbiotic relationship with mother earth. We choose to ethically source our ingredients from farms using environmentally conscious principles and are proud supporters of our local farming community. 24 Carrots champions recycling and compositing by making sure all of our packaging is made from sustainable, compostable resources or recyclable materials.

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